Innovative software- and hardware solutions for public transport

Agile, fast, innovative and networked. These are the new values that count in the digitalization age. We live these values and want to make public and private mobility offers even more economic, efficient and customer oriented. For this we develop tailormade solutions for public transport associations and companies. Either integrated system solution and single components – our products run on open standards and can be integrated in multiple system environments.


Linear App

Check in. Ride. Check out. With the SevenRE checkIn-checkOut-system it is that simple.

With the Linear App for iOS and Android passengers can conveniently use buses and trains without knowing anything about the fare-system, how to use the ticket machine and without tiresome searching their pockets for small money. With the price being calculated afterwards the customer will always get the cheapest suitable fare, which is automatically debited from credit card or account.

With the Linear technology public transport associations and companies can get into electronic ticketing with little effort. There is no need for additional hardware to be kept on the vehicles, because the customer hast he necessary vending infrastructure all by himself.

CheckIn-checkout-systems bring a variety of opportunities with them: modern, transparent and performance-linked electronic fare systems can help to lower entry barriers. As of January 2017 the Rhein-Neckar public transport association (VRN) offers it’s well known „Luftlinientarif“ (bee-line fare system) by means of the „eTarif-App“ by SevenRE. It just took a few weeks to increase the number of tickets sold per day up to 1.000 – and numbers are still rising.


On-board ticket printer, AVLS, mobile driver info system and realtime-info-app as an integrated system – built from standard hardware modules.

A tablet computer with a touchscreen is the core. The well structured user surface and the clearly arranged menu navigation make selling tickets easy for the driver and help speeding up vehicles schedules. With a validator for NFC and 2D-barcodes that supports VDV-KA-standard public transport companies are well prepared for future electronic ticketing.

Printer box, tablet, customer display module, ticket printer, validator – all components are modular plugged and can easily be replaced by the public transport company itself. With the provided web portal the staff is able to manage the background system and can operate the ongoing traffic from their work station or main control centre.

With an easy to handle smartphone app passengers will be informed about the current realtime traffic situation at any time. By using big data and artificial intelligence the system can predict departure times even in special situations.

Last but not least the modular structure and use of standard hardware components leads to a significant cost reduction.